The First Rule of Bite Club is.... 

Bite Club is a members only group that gets together every week to practice and improve their skills with their protection dogs. This is a great way to test and maintain the aptitude of you and your protection dog. This group is a lot of fun and our mock scenarios will have your dog jumping through car windows, swimming across the creek and overcoming unique obstacles that our experts curate specifically to hone and perfect your dogs abilities. To become a member, give us a call today!

This group meets twice a week and the cost is $50 per session.

Tuesday from 2pm - 6pm

Wednesday from 8am - 12pm

To sign up, simply follow this link to join the private Facebook group or call our facility to become a member!

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1836 Old Natchez Trace,

Franklin, TN 37069, USA

Phone: (615) 791-3556

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