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Over 25 years experience 

Courtney Robbins, born and raised in Milford, Connecticut, began handling and working with dogs at age 10 as a volunteer at her local animal shelter. She soon found herself training dogs and teaching other volunteers. When Courtney turned 15 she was invited to apprentice under the founder and owner of Camp Bark, a dog-boarding camp and training center in Connecticut. It was here she would learn to identify dog breeds, sanitize kennels, the dynamics of dog behavior, and the knowledge, methods and skills for training dogs, including special needs dogs with significant behavioral issues. 


At 16 years old, Courtney became the youngest trainer to teach dog training classes. She completed training at the National K-9 Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio, to become a civilian dog trainer specializing in puppy and dog selection, basic and advanced dog obedience, military and law enforcement K-9 training, and personal protection. She would later earn the title of Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and serve as Director of Training for a national dog training organization. 


After the 9/11 terrorist attack, Courtney felt compelled to join the Army National Guard as a Military Police Officer. Over the next three years, she gained tactical and operational experience attending QRF and S.W.A.T. schools. She was the first ever National Guard Canine Handler and while attending the MWD Handlers Course, she was recognized as the distinguished honor graduate and awarded Top Dog, as well and received an Army Commendation Medal. Courtney served as a Patrol Explosives Detection Dog Handler as a Staff Sergeant with the C.T. Army National Guard. She was later employed as a private contractor to Kabul Afghanistan for 13 months with a Security Forces K-9 team to secure checkpoints, and search vehicles and buildings at the US Embassy. During her military and private canine career, Courtney has assisted and worked along side local, state, and federal agencies on various missions including protecting U.S. Presidents, high-ranking government officials, the Pope, and other world leaders. 


Courtney Robbins put her military training to use in the next chapter of her dog career when she left the military and became a private contractor. She has specialized in training elite protection dogs for military and law enforcement, professional athletes, public figures, celebrities, royalty, and world leaders. 

Courtney Robbins has attended or taught more continuing education hours via government and the private sector than most trainers worldwide.

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