Meet Courtney

“My commitment to you comes from my passion in doing everything I can to bring the right dog and the right family together.” 


—  Courtney Robbins, Owner & Director 


Courtney now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where she founded Global K-9 Protection Services. She imports the highest quality dogs in the world and custom train them specifically for individuals and families in the private sector. She has distinguished expertise in training the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois breeds. 


One of the first gifts spotted early in Courtney’s life was her connection and aptitude with dogs. As a young girl, she developed a deep love and passion for handling dogs, and her extensive training and military background taught her to cut no corners. Her commitment to training dogs is truly second to none. She has witnessed the potential of a well-trained dog and knows the time, effort, and skill necessary to achieve it. 


“Amazed” is the word commonly used by folks across the world who meet Courtney personally and experience her training a dog. Her calm demeanor, instantaneous connection, firm but rewarding expressions, and consistent expectation, have transformed the behavior of countless dogs over the years. 


Courtney is widely known as one of the top dog trainers in the world. She views her commitment to training a dog as a commitment to the dog and the owner. As someone who has extensively taught and trained people to handle dogs, she equips every client with the necessary knowledge and skills to be experts in the unique temperament, needs, and potential of their dog.

Courtney Robbins has attended or taught more continuing education hours via government and the private sector than most trainers worldwide.

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