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6 Week Good Puppy Program



Every puppy that participates in our Six-Week Good Puppy Program will return home with excellent behavior and well-trained skills, and ready to be a happy, confident, and compliant pup. Specifically, your little one will begin:


  • working on learning house manners such as no jumping, barking or chewing except for toys

  • recognizing essential commands such as “sit”, “lay down”, “come”, and “place”

  • acclimating to crate training

  • stabilizing a sleeping, eating, and potty schedule

  • introducing proper leash walking behaviors

  • responding to positive and negative reinforcement words 

  • getting comfortable with car rides, public settings, and daily grooming  


Your puppy will be up to date on immunizations and will go home with a crate, collar,  leash, and a Global K9 Puppy Play Toy.