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Six (6) Week Super Puppy Program $4,000



Super Puppy Status

Even though your puppy is under 5 months old they are a super star. They will learn all obedience behaviors such as sit, lay down, come, place, and walking on a leash. We will also introduce the formal heel position. Your puppy will understand his/her name, and reinforce words such as Good, No, Break, Leave It, Let's Go, and Off. We will have nearly extinguished any unwanted behaviors like jumping, barking, digging, chewing, etc. The crate will be a place of comfort and your puppy will have further reliability in housebreaking.  We will introduce your puppy to riding in cars, being introduced to strangers, and unfamiliar noises so they can be confident. If you have any sport or protection interest we can also build drive to help succeed in these areas later on.

This program will come with a leash, pinch collar, place mat as well as (6) 30 minute sessions to go over all behaviors and training done with your four legged friend.

Please contact us for more information and availability

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