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Day School

Our Global K-9 Protection Services Day School was created by realizing that many dog owners have daily work schedules or other occasions and events pop up, which require a day school option. Rather than your dog being inactive and sitting at home alone all day, our Day School offers a day of fun, training, and activities. 



Our headquarters, campus and training facilities are located in Bon Aqua, Tennessee. If you live or work in this area, and would like your dog to have socialization and training opportunities throughout the day, then our Day School is an ideal option. We are open from 7am-7pm, Monday-Friday. Your dog is welcome to stay the full 12 hours. Some of the unique features of our Day School include:

3 training sessions

Your dog will receive 3 training sessions throughout their day. The training is customized to focus on areas that you want to brush up and improve. There may also be a new skill or behavior you want your dog to learn. 


Playgroup evaluation

We will evaluate all dogs based on size, temperament, and energy level. We always have 2 or more trainers present during play groups to monitor play as well as integrate training during play time


Positive reinforcement and confidence building 

Dogs that attend our Day School may not want to go home! The experience is like an awesome doggy field trip or holiday. On our 14 acre property  your dog will enjoy daily play time, brushings, swims in the creek (weather permitting), and one on one training with expert trainers.  Rest assured, your dog will leave at the end of the day as a better behaved, tired, and happy dog.

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