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Puppy Kindergarten

Everyone wants their pup to be well-behaved and excited with the transition to their new home. Setting each puppy up for success is what we do best. All puppies that leave our facility are well-adjusted and equipped with the skills and manners to make their owners lives easier and happier. 


Puppy Kindergarten is a 2 week academy specifically for puppies under 16 weeks that have had no previous training. The methodology we use protects the integrity of your puppy’s personality by using positive reinforcement, marker training, and creating good habits and manners for your pup. Too many trainers use negative or correctional enforcement, which alters the innate character and temperament of the dog. Our commitment at Global K-9 Protection Services is to give excellent training to your pet without violating their unique charm, natural disposition and innate attributes. The puppy you bring home from our Obedience Academy will be happy, confident, well-trained, and ready for a new life with your family. 

Behave with manners

Unwanted and negative behaviors such as jumping, nipping, whining/begging, barking, and chewing will be worked on through ignoring and redirecting using positive behaviors. We will teach your puppy to exercise impulse control which will result inn helping to extinguish the negative and replace with positive etiquette.

Happily utilize a crate

Proper crate training involves developing positive associations with the crate. We will create a reinforced potty schedule using the crate as a tool to help assist in preventing accidents. We will also create games and use rewards to make your pup want to use their crate as a safe place for themselves.

Intorducing the six essential commands

Your puppy will be started on the six essential obedience commands:

  1. Sit

  2. Down

  3. Come

  4. Place

  5. Wait

  6. Leave it

Be alert and attentive

By using focusing exercises with your puppy’s name, our body language, and verbal cues, your pup will learn to stay focused with different distractions. 

Walk properly on a leash

Our training lays a solid foundation for your puppy to enjoy leash walking without pulling, lunging, barking and other misbehavior. 


Socializing your dog through puppyhood is one of the best ways to ensure that they become a friendly, loving and confident adult. We introduce your pup to different people and animals during their stay, as well as typical indoor and outdoor daily sounds. We teach them to be alone, and prevent food and resource guarding. 


We do customized training in puppy kindergarten to train your pup in ways that are important to you but outside our standard curriculum.

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