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Maintenance Academy 

Our Maintenance Program is an invaluable investment for dog owners who want to sustain the highest level of obedience and/ or protection for the lifetime of their dog. This has become one of our most popular programs and we highly recommend it for all our clients. The program not only maintains all the professional training received at Global K9 Protection Services, but also allows you to improve or advance your dog’s capabilities. 


There are several unique options for our maintenance program

Customized Maintenance Plan

One of our expert trainers will work with you to create a customized maintenance plan. This can be as frequent or flexible as you like. We will evaluate and assess you and your dog and recommend areas of improvement or how to progress forward.

Mock Training Scenario 

Allow one or more of our trainers with hidden safety equipment put you and your dog to the test with a mock situation such as a home invasion, mugging, car-jacking, or other realistic scenario. The goal is to asses how you and your dog handle a threat in a NON training environment. This will help identify any weaknesses in response and we can teach you how to tactically and safely handle different scenarios.

The Maintenance Program is customized to fit your unique interests and needs. The cost of the program depends on the kind of plan you create. One of our trainers will work with you to create the best plan and the right cost.

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