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Off Leash Obedience

Our premiere Off Leash Obedience training is designed for those who want both on and off leash control of their dog.


Tennessee Titans linebacker, Taylor Lewan and family pictured with Global K9 dog, Hank

We will cover all behaviors in our on leash program such as sit, down, loose leash walking, heeling, a place command that tells the dog to go to a designated area, lay down and stay there all in one, we integrate stay not as a command but as a implied behavior whenever you tell your dog to sit or lay down. We will work on extinguishing bad behaviors such as jumping, barking, digging, and chewing. In 4 weeks your dog will do all of this on and off leash. In this program we will also expand on basic commands by increasing distance, distractions, and duration. The goal of this program is to make sure your dog listens without the use of food or body language. Your dog will be tested in a multitude of distractions and different environments. 

There are three phases of this training 

phase one: teaching the basics

Our trainers will start off by evaluating your dogs focus, confidence, what motivates them, and what commands they already know. For dogs that don't have any previous training we will start with basic commands and manners. For dogs who do have some previous knowledge we will expand upon what they know and create higher standards for listening and response time. Once your dog is performing all basic commands with no assistance and with some duration we will move onto phase two.

phase two: off leash reliability

In Phase Two, our trainers will start to teach your dog off leash capabilities utilizing balanced training methods. During this phase we will start working on distance, distractions, and durations. We will proof your dog using other dogs, toys, food, etc. Our trainers will make sure any negative behaviors are extinct. 

phase three: owner with dog training

Phase Three is where we work with you and your dog together. This part of the training teaches you the techniques of controlling your dog off leash, and to build connection and confidence between you and your dog. We will show you how we got the results as well as how to maintain them long term.

This training is typically a 4 week process, depending upon the dog’s innate temperament and abilities.  


Included with this program is a leash, pinch collar, place mat, electronic collar, and (4) private lessons, 2 at our facility and 2 inhome.


If you would like us to train your dog in personal protection, or your dog needs behavior modification the training might be extended and additional costs will be applied. This can be discussed further to ensure that we customize the training around your needs. 

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