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On -Leash Obedience

The On Leash Obedience Academy is a 14-day all inclusive board and train program for dogs 4 months and older with limited or no previous training


Country music star, Raelynn pictured with her Global K9 dog, Cash

  We will get results no matter the age, breed, or size. After completing this course, life with your dog will be much more enjoyable. Your dog wont be pulling ahead while going for a walk, or jumping on company when they come through the door. They will learn all the basic obedience commands, as well as work on daily manners. As the owner, you will learn the tools, timing, and techniques to reinforce all your furry friends new skills at home.

On leash manners

Your dog will learn correct leash walking habits like not pulling, dragging, or being reactive while on their walks. They will be taught to have a slacked leash and be more attentive.

Potty training

We work with your dog to establish a potty schedule and routine, which you can implement at home according to the time and location that works best for you. 

On leash Behaviors

Our training teaches your dog to obey commands while on their leash such as: “sit”, “lay down”, and “let’s go”, which tells your dog it’s time to start a relaxed walk without pulling on the leash, as well as “place”, which cues your dog to go to a designated area and lay down. The commands “come here” and “heel” are introduced through positive reinforcement.

Paying attention

We utilize a variety of exercises using your dog’s name, our body language, and verbal cues to get your dog’s attention while faced with different distractions. 


Your dog will learn good manners, composure and friendliness for people of all ages, as well as dogs, and even other animals. At our facility we will group your dog into playgroups based on size, temperment, and energy. 

Customized training 

As always, we allow for customized training in areas of interest that are not covered in our On Leash Obedience curriculum. For example, behavior modification for dog or people reactivity, anxiety, fearfulness, personal protection training and more. 

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