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We understand that some clients and dogs need a little more one on one attention or prefer to have their training customized to their needs. We offer both private and semi-private lessons at our facility or in your home to help your training progress. There are currently three options for private lessons:



In-home one on one

Most people have full lives and want to maximize their available time. In-home lessons are a great option because they proof your dog in their home environment, which is where you will utilize this training the most. We come to you and your home! One on one lessons are customized to you and your dog’s needs with an emphasis on a variety of manners and reinforcing the six essential commands:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Place

  • Loose leash walking

  • Heel

  • Recall  


This is optimal for individuals who have a busy lifestyle, and really want and need help with their dog’s behaviors to enhance the relationship they have together. The in-home lessons are the most time-effective option for training your dog.

In-home Semi-Private

If you have a neighbor, friend, or relative who has a dog with similar issues and would like to train together, we offer our in-home semi-private lessons. This also allows us to work on socialization training. Of course, we can always bring one of our proven, safe dogs to help with social boundaries and skills.

Lessons at our facility

Here on our 14-acre farm nestled right outside of Dickson, Tennessee, the sky's the limit to work with your dog in mastering a wide range of skills, settings, phobias, social encounters, and practicing many different scenarios. It is the ideal place to expose your dog to whatever obedience obstacles you may want them to learn, overcome and attain. You are invited at any time to come visit for a full tour of our campus and facilities, and meet our team of distinguished trainers. This is the best way to get a sense of who we are, what we do, and how we can help you, your family and your beloved dog. 


We have one on one and semi-private lessons available at our facility. You may have a family member, neighbor or best friend with a dog that could join you for private lessons. One advantage to this is knowing that both your dog’s social interactions, obedience and manners will be compatible, which comes in handy when at each other’s houses, yards, parks, hotel rooms, or other public settings. 

Private protection lesson

In our Private Protection Lesson we offer advanced training for all levels of protection to establish a strong foundation and become an exceptional family protector. This includes developing mastery in a full mouth bite, crushing grips, and speedy entries. Your dog will learn to target different body parts with and without equipment, and remain focused with controlled behaviors while the dog is in drive.


We train your dog for being at home, in the car, public spaces, or walking through the woods. We put the dog in different situations and bring decoys in to act as intruders, attackers, kidnappers, or car thieves. Your dog will learn to function optimally in stressed environments involving gunfire, fighting back, multiple attackers, and moving vehicles. 


The highest level of this training involves moving to an off-site location and staging pseudo attack and high-danger scenarios for the owner and their dog. This tests both you and your dog’s capabilities in acting appropriately and skillfully under stressed conditions.

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