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Protection Academy

Our Protection Academy is a topflight training program for dogs that have been evaluated and show potential in becoming a personal protection dog. The academy is structured to progress your dog through a series of developmental levels to build their confidence until they have mastered each of the critical skill areas, including:

  • finely-tuned prey and defense drive 

  • advanced on-command obedience  

  • targeted aggression technique to specific body areas

  • desensitized fight-back reflex 

  • adaptability to environmental factors, challenges and variables 


The program culminates with scenario-based exercises in which you learn how to employ, manage, and direct your dog’s new protection competencies, and how to handle your dog appropriately, confidently, and effectively. 


Cost of this training varies, based upon your dog’s assessed skill level, and the areas of training you are seeking. Schedule your free evaluation now! Together with you, we will determine the best approach for your dog. 


Private Protection Session

In our private protection lesson we offer customized training for all levels of protection to establish a strong foundation and become an exceptional family protector. This includes developing mastery in a full mouth bite, crushing grips, and speedy entries. Your dog will learn to target different body parts with and without equipment, and remain focused with controlled behaviors while the dog is in drive.


We train your dog for being at home, in the car, public spaces, or walking through the woods. We put the dog in different situations and bring decoys in to act as intruders, attackers, kidnappers, or car thieves. Your dog will learn to function optimally in stressed environments involving gunfire, fighting back, multiple attackers, and moving vehicles. 


The highest level of this training involves moving to an off-site location and staging pseudo attack and high-danger scenarios for the owner and their dog. This tests both you and your dog’s capabilities in acting appropriately and skillfully under stressed conditions.

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