We believe having your puppy participate in our Super Puppy Program will provide a beneficial impact on you and your puppy. Training puppies is a 24/7 endeavor, and we have perfected the process through years of experience. 

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the Super Puppy Program Options

What makes a Global K9 Super Puppy so special? 

Our experts have over 25 years of experience in identifying the traits that go a long way in producing a puppy that will result in good health, solid nerves, balanced drives and temperament. This curated selection process provides us all the advantages needed to mold and shape our litters into super puppies.

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Deciding to bring a puppy into your life is the first BIG decision. However, it is the time and energy commitment you make to your puppy in their first weeks at home that will determine whether you experience years of constant problems and struggles, or a lifetime of compatibility, pleasure, and lasting bond.  


Despite how much we love and want the best for them, most people simply do not have the time, knowledge or expertise to nurture and train their dog through the rigors and demands of puppyhood on their own. As professional breeders and trainers, we can give your puppy everything they need and require, as well teach and equip you to be an excellent dog owner, parent, guardian and companion. 

German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois breeds come from a long bloodline of working dogs and have an innate breed instinct to herd and protect. We understand first and foremost how critical the initial weeks and months of life are in developing the proper drives to keep them engaged, but able to relax. A well-rounded German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois can be fun and playful yet eager to please, and understand their role as a puppy and possibly your future personal protection dog. If they are placed with a trainer who is not experienced with their drive, demeanor and sensitivities to correction, there could be lifelong, damaging results. It is very difficult to undo the negative behaviors developed during these fear imprint stages of a pup’s life.


You can trust us to cultivate your puppy’s confidence and build a spectrum of skills with positive reward-based methods and philosophy, which protects your pup from many of the dominance-based and coercive training techniques, which can damage their happy, well-adjusted beginning. Enrolling your little one in our Super Puppy Program means that you have entrusted them to an experienced team that has successfully worked with countless puppies just like yours. 


Our trainers know and love our parent dogs and their pups! As soon as you notify us which program is best for you, we create a customized daily training regimen based on the knowledge of their strengths and shortcomings. The sooner you know the program of your choice, the better for your puppy and we can get to work! We can build on their natural traits from the moment of whelping until the day you arrive to pick up your little one and bring them home. Depending on whether you want your pup to be a family pet or future personal protection dog will shape our training plan. 

It is also critical that your puppy is properly socialized. Failure to achieve this during the early socialization stage means they will later become unpredictable and fear aggressive, making your dog a danger for people or animals who are not in their immediate family or home environment. The common misconception is that a dog brought into an active family and home with multiple pets, will automatically have socialization exposure. This is not so. Without proper and diverse socialization training in puppyhood, your dog will develop overprotective behavior that can lead to more serious aggression. 


Any traumatic, painful, or frightening experiences in the puppy stage can have a lasting impact. This is why we highly suggest that all pups enroll and complete a minimum of 3 weeks in our Super Puppy Program. A German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois who completes our 8 week Program has the best chance for fully actualizing their innate strength and to become a well-balanced dog with sound mind, and an eagerness to please his handler. These are the puppies who make the best Global K9 Protection dogs, protectors, and family companions.


There are stages of development for your puppy from birth to two years old. Generally, these stages are:

  • Neonatal stage and dependence on mother dog: birth to 2 weeks

  • Transitional stage and development of senses and weaning: 2-4 weeks

  • Training, vaccinations and socialization: 3-16 weeks

  • Establishing hierarchy within the group: 4-6 months

  • Adolescent stage and continued training and socialization: 6-12 months

  • Social maturity and ongoing training: 1-2 years


What your puppy learns in the first 16 weeks of life will be seen in adulthood. Their attention spans are short, so many training lessons throughout each day are necessary to permanently ingrain the positive behaviors we want in our adult dogs. It is also the timeframe to learn your individual puppy’s temperament and personality, which allows us to customize our training methods that are best for your dog. 


We gradually introduce your puppy to new sights, smells, textures, environments, people, animals and challenges. Our philosophy is to slowly increase your puppy’s training experiences to include positive feedback, which are rewarded  with high value treats, tasty and nutritious food, fun puppy toys, and lots of love and affection.  


Our training campus is a safe home and kennel setting so your puppy learns to trust people and look to their caregivers for guidance no matter what environment they are in. Our trainers manage the entirety of your puppy’s living and training environment 24/7 so they are not left to their own vices, forming bad habits or becoming apprehensive. We keep your puppy current on age-appropriate immunizations based on American Veterinary Medical Association protocol.


Our Super Puppy Program keeps you connected with your pup and engaged in the process in various ways, including: 


  • videos and photos we send of your puppy

  • weekly phone call with news and updates

  • lifelong support via email, instant messaging, text and phone call.

We believe the decision of having your puppy complete our Super Puppy Program is the most important decision that you can make. The number of puppies we accept into our Super Puppy Program is limited to ensure that they are receiving the necessary individualized attention and to maximize each puppy's time with our professional trainers. It is recommended that you reserve your spot as soon as possible. Registration is determined on a first come first serve basis. 

We strongly urge you to make your decision early so you can guarantee your puppy a spot in the Super Puppy Program. We begin early training with the few pups per litter enrolled as soon as we receive a contract for the Puppy Program of your choice.

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