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Our all inclusive Obedience Academies are the fast track to accomplishing all your goals for training your dog. The best part of it is that we do all the work for you! Choose the program that best fits yours needs or meet with one of our experienced trainers to create a custom package.


All of our programs come with equipment, follow up lessons, as well as weekly pictures, videos, and reports on your dogs progress.


Schedule your FREE 30 minute dog evaluation and facility tour today!


I have been working with Global K9 for 2 years now. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a training plan or ongoing maintenance training for their dog(s).They can do anything from basic obedience to personal protection at all levels. Their services are second to none. Courtney and team are top notch!

—  Jason Winn


The On Leash Obedience training is an all inclusive 14-day program for dogs 4 months and older with no previous training. This program is designed to introduce your dog to some of the basic commands used on a daily basis. We also help extinct some bad habits and teach them good home manners

Our premiere Off Leash Obedience training is designed for those who want both on and off leash control of their dog. This is a 4 week program and offers a variety of manners, obedience commands, socialization, and working on distance, distraction, and duration. Dogs must be 6 months or older as a prerequisite.

The Elite Dog Academy is for those who want a extreme level of control in all environments, this is also a great program for any dog that needs behavior modification or specialty training (i.e. service work, protection, etc.). This is a 6 week program and is ideal for dogs 6 months and older.

Custom Package

Don't see exactly what you're looking for?  Meet with one of our trainers to create a custom package! Custom packages are also ideal for dogs who need specific behavioral modification such as anxiety, aggression, fear, or reactivity.

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